Software & Solutions

Dipl.-Ing. Ralf Knospe engineers custom-made software programs for ambitious measurement processes in computer assisted quality control (CAQ).



  • founded in 1993 as a one-man business
  • starting with sales and distribution of computers and networks including installation, service and maintenance
  • development and assembly of customer specific hard- and software based on microcontrollers


Software Development

  • starting 1995 development of custom-built software in the area of dimension measurement
  • since 1996 development of software for commutator measurement, first product was “kommutat32”
  • since 1998 development of software for straightness measurement in teamwork with T&S GmbH
  • ongoing enhancements in the software for commutator measurement, next program was “UniMessSPC”


  • tarting 2003 the next generation of commutator measurement software was developed, new product was “”
  • ongoing enhancements and integration of customer demands

custom-built solutions

  • several custom-built software solutions in the area of dimension measurement in cooperation with T&S GmbH and Premetec GmbH
  • for example: measurement of seat rails for cars, shaft measurement, bearing ring measurement, tolerance ring measurement and much more


Contour measurement

  • since 2013 program maintenance and redevelopment in the area of contour measurement on behalf of T&S GmbH
  • ongoing enhancements for “” by customer request


Knospe Daten- & Messtechnik
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